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Youssef’s ID Security Band

Youssef’s ID Security Band

Sooo, I was informed that the Kaiser NiCU “SOMEHOW” “lost” Youssef’s ID security band (the one that I have the match to) THIS MORNING. Now, considering he is supposed to be released today, does ANYone else find it to be a bit odd, that the reason I was given was that “oh, maybe it got stuck in his blanket, fell on the floor, slipped off, we don’t know!!”. Uh, yeah, NO. Those bands do not slip off. And, where could it possibly slip off to???? Youssef isn’t out running around in the Grove in LA or frolicking on the beach…..he’s IN THE HOSPITAL.

One more attempt by Kaiser Hospital to further steal my baby. They have had him targeted since my pregnancy, and the suits that will follow the conclusion of this fraudulent DCFS case will prove it.

Pray for my angels and pray that the evil in this hospital and these government agencies is further exposed soon!!!!


  1. Can you start a petition so we can say “Give the baby Back!” with you?

  2. Prayers that this is resolved soon. Such a nightmare for you. I hope you are able to tell your complete story soon. Stay strong.

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