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My Thought

Sooo, my story hasn’t even gone “public” or “viral” yet, and already the creepy, hate-filled comments have started crawling out from under the woodwork.
I was already mentally prepared for that and for worse (God knows Kian’s non-/-not ever-custodial parent has already been gulping down the haterade and trying to use this fraudulent case as a means to get the custody he lost to me twice in a court of law already) –

But, despite the fact that I’m prepared for and immune to it, I absolutely will not entertain it, or defend myself against anyone who has absolutely nothing to do with my life or my children. 😂 It actually makes me laugh that some, basically stranger, would take time out of their own life to spit venom at me, and try to educate ME on being a mother. For every one person that attempts to do that, I have a hundred other people who will offer their observations/proof of the amazing mom I have been for 5 years. And, that’s not even necessary, if you’ve ever met my first son for five minutes or seen even one photo of him. A shitty, incompetent mom didn’t raise a child like my Kian.❤️

So, here’s my point to all of this: if you have any questions for me, even after viewing my various posts, then message me! Something doesn’t make sense? Ask me! You believe in your heart that innocent people are never targeted by corrupt government agencies? I’ll send you links so you can educate yourself! And, if ya just don’t LIKE me? Um, then stay off my page and don’t read my posts! I really hate olives. And, raisins. Do I run into grocery stores and smash every jar of olives and stomp on every box of raisins? Nope. I simply don’t eat them. If you are silly enough to shove a fistful of olives in your face, and then get mad at the olives when your palate is disgusted and you’re choking on a taste that you hate, then you seriously need to find another hobby and pray a little harder about your own life.

I’ve been operating on about 3 hours of sleep the past few nights, have barely been taking care of myself, because the best way I know how to take care of me, is to protect and take care of my children, so forgive me if this post is a bit scattered.
To those of you who aren’t suddenly expecting that my innocence in this case should indicate that I’ve been PERFECT my entire life, and to those of you who have the mental capacity to actually understand what has happened in this case – I simply ask you to keep raising your prayers up high, and ask God to guide me tomorrow as I take a very important step forward towards unleashing the tides of truth. (Oh, but newsflash: no one, including me, will be reporting that I’ve been perfect my entire life. But, as far as the allegations that I was “unable to provide basic care” or that my children were in any “danger”? Nope. Not one shred of evidence in support of that. God blessed me with amazing children, and by his Grace, I have been an amazing mother since Kian took his first breath outside my womb in August 2011. And, never left my care, until my baby was targeted and kidnapped for profit. So, unless you are the judge who is going to preside over my hearing when we finally have one (no, there’s been no actual trial yet, and no judge has seen any of my evidence, despite the fact that my family has already been torn apart with no investigation/proof) – then, I simply ask that you approach me on a human level, because I’m pretty damn sure that not one of my Facebook buddies can claim any sort of perfection during their lifetime. 👍 God bless and alhamdulillah for the justice that is on the horizon.❤️Keep my babies in your prayers. They miss their mommy, and their mommy is an empty shell without them.💔


  1. Praying for you. I met you at the last Children’s Commission meeting,and my heart simply goes out you. Keep on keepin’ on my dear. These bastards need to be stopped. Well keep fighting the good fight and may righteousness prevail!!

  2. This must be the hardest time in your life. I hope that you get them back quickly. It will be hard to complete everything DCF as for but stay strong. Prove your not guilty. Keep your head up.

  3. I’ve been where your at. I know what your going through and what you will go through after all is said and done. Is there a grandparent who will be willing to take your baby out of foster home while the so called process continues? Based on the family act, CPS must allow family members to have first (for a lack of words) dibs on the children. This will also keep them away from “adoptive foster homes”. Just like they gave your older son to his bio father, they will have to give the baby to a bio relative. Your husband will have to prove he is clean and can care for the little guy without you in the home. They will also request drug classes for both of you. Go to them all, separately. Your going to need to fight together and at the same time apart. The last thing CPS will request from your husband is to divorce you in order to get full custody of your baby and close the case. At this point I hope your case has been heard with a very good attorney. It cost my husband and I a little over 80k. At this point you have my e-mail address and can e-mail me in private. I’m sorry I can’t donate to your fund me, however I can give you support, love, shoulder to cry on and help you with information.

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