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Please read this

Please read this

And, watch the Fox News cast about the couple who had their baby taken from their home, by police and CPS…it’s only about 7min long. It will change your life. It’s SO hard to believe that this happens in AMERICA.
But, it does. And, my life has been forever changed by it. Even after my boys are home, I will never be able to unlearn or forget any of this…
I miss my angels so much. I don’t know how to not be a mom…it’s been my greatest joy, my highest calling for the past 5 years…and my baby was kidnapped from our HOSPITAL room, at two days old!! Healthy and happy and perfect.
I miss him and his brother more than words can express. May God bring them home soon.❤️❤️

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  1. I feel devastated by what has happened to you. I hope you are going to get a good, private lawyer. Please keep us posted. I think you should sue your OB doctor.

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