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My Nightmare

This will be long, please read it all.

The nightmare began on 7/9/16, the day after my emergency c-section, performed under general anesthesia at a Kaiser hospital. Youssef was born completely healthy, I was recovering and nursing/bonding with him. The doctors then informed me that I had tested positive for opiates, and approached me very hostilely. Specialist after specialist was sent to my room, everything from psychiatrists to drug counsellors to social workers, to finally a visit from DCFS. I was SO confused, and still being administered IV medication for pain and high blood pressure, and my baby was still with me every second, and still nursing, still healthy. HIS “tox screen” was COMPLETELY NEGATIVE FOR ALL SUBSTANCES. He never required any medical care.

I informed the DCFS worker that my OB, who performed the cesarean, had prescribed the pain medication during my pregnancy, and that this information was clearly available in my medical records, which I provided to her. I honestly thought the nightmare of interrogation would be over. I had done nothing wrong, and had been given the same medication while carrying my first son, Kian (who was also born with no complications, perfectly healthy, and went home with me as scheduled after the cesarean. Back then, however, I had good insurance, a very reputable OB and delivered at Cedars Sinai. This time, I was a Medi-Cal patient).

The next day, 7/10/16, the DCFS worked returned to my hospital room, moments after I finished nursing my son, (who was still completely healthy, showing NO signs of “withdrawal”) with security officers and a signed order from a judge. She had my healthy newborn removed from my care and placed in the NiCU on a “72 hour hold”. She said that my older son, Kian, would be removed from his grandmother’s house and placed in foster care. And, thus our waking nightmare began.

A nurse immediately asked me if I wanted to be discharged. It was too soon following the surgery, but my brain quickly determined that I needed to do so much before our court date on 7/13/16. So, I reluctantly agreed to be discharged. I visited with my baby for a while before leaving the hospital, and returned the next day to visit him, under security supervision, for a total of 8 hours. During the 11th and 12th, I also ran around and made copies of medical records, met with attorneys, did everything I could think of doing to prepare for this court date.

My older son, of whom I have had 100% legal and physical custody his entire life, was placed temporarily with his father. Every day we have facetimed and he says, mommy when are you picking me up?? I want to come home!! I want to see my brother!!

On the 13th, my husband and I saw a judge who was presented with a file from DCFS containing MANY fabricated statements, but they have no burden of proof in this situation. The judge upheld the detainment, and required me to have drug testing and a psychiatric evaluation, to which I agreed. That same morning, as I was walking into court, the NiCU called me and informed me that my previously healthy, drug-free baby was now showing signs of “withdrawal”, and that they were giving him METHADONE. I stated that I objected to that treatment, that he was perfectly fine every time I saw him, which was every day for hours. But, because of the DCFS custody hold, I had no right as his mother to refuse this poisonous drug being administered to my newborn.

So, now my baby is being given a drug that is given to heroin addicts, despite the fact that he has no medical reason for it. And, my husband and I are being told we can’t see him without a DCFS worker, when before we came anytime to the NiCU and simply had security present, like criminals. My rights as a mother are being violated, as well as my religious rights as a Muslim (breastfeeding, for example, is a very important religious aspect of newborn care for us, and that has been denied since our baby was stolen by this evil, corrupt government agency).

PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU. IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH OR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT LA COUNTY DCFS, DO A QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH AND READ A FEW THINGS. Read about the money that is made by each child they place in their system. Read about the lies they tell and the methods they use to acquire these children. They have doctors and specialists working for them, and there is so much money to be made.
Also research how the government makes money on every methadone prescription they administer, and how some hospitals are contracted by the government to use that treatment.

Without a private attorney who is well-versed in this type of law (and they are few and expensive) I fear that this will drag on far too long. It has ALREADY been too long, it is killing me to be away from my children. I have never been away from my oldest his entire life. I need to retain an attorney (approximately $4000) and need to pay for other expenses such as private doctor visits (so that I am not confined to the only the ones DCFS refers) and we need to pay a full-time babysitter to stay with my husband so that they consider releasing our newborn to him, as soon as he is weened from the awful methadone that they are needlessly giving him.

Despite all my proof of no wrongdoing, of never taking “drugs”, of being a great mom for the past 5 years, no criminal record, no DCFS history – I am a small pawn in a huge government system, and my CHILDREN ARE THE ULTIMATE VICTIMS.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Donate if you can, and SHARE this with EVERYONE YOU KNOW, especially any organizations who are familiar with religious discrimination, DCFS’s abuse of power and history of corruption, and the dangers of drugs like methadone being given to a healthy baby that just wants to be held and nursed by his mother. We need help, and my babies need to be returned to us as soon as they possibly can be. Youssef is laying alone in a cold NiCU, being given poison, and Kian is safe with his paternal family, but wants to be back where he belongs with me.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW DCFS TO DESTROY ANOTHER INNOCENT FAMILY. Thank you so much for reading all of this and for sharing our campaign. God bless you, and may God bless us and keep our baby safe during this horrific ordeal. (if you spend even a few minutes on this website, you will start to understand what has happened here. It’s pure evil. Please. I implore you. Do some research before you dismiss my story as crazy, before you shut your eyes tightly against the truth and insist that I must be hiding something. I have ALL the proof to show that I did nothing wrong. That I’m not a drug addict. Or a crazy person. Or incapable of providing care to my children. Or any of the other lies that have destroyed my life. This epidemic is so much bigger than me and my sons. It’s happening all over this supposedly great country. And, it’s a business in the billions and billions of dollars.)

I don’t need billions to beat them. But, my family does need help with this. Please share and share and share, and be the voice that my newborn doesn’t have.