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My drug screen

My drug screen

My drug screen (ordered without a court order by the doctor who prescribed the opiate- hydrocodone, who treated me most of the pregnancy and who delivered Youssef, who was born healthy with ApGars of 8 and 9 out of 10, and was completely healthy, no “withdrawal”) which shows positive for the prescribed pain medication, and the thc occasionally used as an alternate for the pain med, and in lieu of a dangerous drug like “zofran” for nausea, which was also prescribed by a physician and not being “abused”. In other words, wasn’t sitting around smoking blunts and doing bong hits, was utilized in very small quantities occasionally and often injested in edible / tea forms.
There’s whole Facebook groups of things like “Beverly hills moms who smoke weed” with pics of kiddos surrounded by pot smoke….are their babies being targeted by DCFS? No, because they are not delivering with shitty or no insurance in shitty Kaiser hospitals who are partners with DCFS and have trained doctors to look for ways to take kids. They are delivering at hospitals like Cedars Sinai, where my first baby was delivered, where I was treated like a QUEEN as a new mom should be, and where I was being prescribed the same damn medicine for the same damn fibroid mess, as evidenced by the signed letter from Kian’s obgyn:




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  1. Praying for your child’s return, Seen this too many times. God bless you and your child. This is so wrong!

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