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Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me

My gofundme thing has been shared over 400 times. If every one of those shares led to a 5 or 10 dollar donation, we would have what we need for the attorney to be retained and to cover the other expenses of these non-insurance covered doctor visits, so please keep sharing and please keep praying. I will continue to post more evidence of the case, because I honestly feel like people aren’t donating more often because everyone automatically assumes that if DCFS has stolen someone’s kids, they MUST have done something to deserve it. Before God, I swear to you, that we are victims. Please help if you can.❤️ Feel free to share in any groups you are a part of, or with anyone you think could help. Thank you❤️

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  1. trying to donate… Please put a paypal button, Go fund me is not working correctly… hope you get your babies back!! – Alixandra Mullins

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